You provide a really specialized service and I know people love having you as a friend – how could they not! You are really kind and loving and have a perspective on life that is rather rare! I am so happy that you have chosen to spend your time with the people you do! You add color to their lives!
— Kerry Mills, MPA Dementia Coach, Engaging Alzheimer’s LLC
Over the last three years, Hope has changed my life by bringing fun, joy, and possibility into it. She has been a loving friend and someone I trust as much as anyone I have ever known.
— L. Moran, Client
My Dad is blind and has early stage dementia. I don’t overstate myself when I say that without Hope, my father would really not have any quality of life. She brings fun, laughter and joy with her every week. My father loves opera and classical music, and Hope works diligently to always find new and wonderful musical venues they can go to together. My father loves Hope as a daughter, and looks forward to every engagement as much as the last.
— Chris Teano
You have ‘unlocked’ Martha’s heart and her mind. I truly enjoy hearing about your well chosen adventures together. Bravo!
— V.D.
Hope enhanced Mr. T’s quality of life, and played a role in keeping him safe, fulfilled, and out of the hospital. Hope was a true asset to his care team, and I appreciate all she’s done.
— A.C., Director of a home care agency
Hope has a passion—and a real skill—for working with older adults. She’s a warm, caring person, and her talent for connecting with people and bringing them great joy is truly remarkable.
— Joseph Girven, Executive Director, Carnegie East Assisted Living


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