A note from Hope

It was when my own mother was diagnosed with Alzheimers disease, that I realized that my specialized way of providing connection and an improved quality of life, could now help others.

My work enables people to flourish and experience joy, fun and cognitive improvement in their lives.


HOPE REINER, THE FOUNDER OF HOPE & I, has over 30 years of experience working with older adults. Her approach to one-on-one work with older adults and special needs persons is reinforced by scientific research about the essential need for loving connection, stimulation, engagement and interaction in one’s life.

Of course casual friendships or paid professionals such as aides, social workers, case managers, and music therapists can help, but one very close friend can do so much more to relieve stress and depression.
— Hope Reiner, from "Social Isolation of Older Adults"


  • Published in Critical Topics in an Aging Society: Social Isolation of Older Adults, Strategies to Bolster Health and Well-Being, 2019

  • Certified Geriatric Care Manager

  • Certified Dementia Practitioner

  • Trained by the NY Alzheimers Association to run groups for caregivers

  • Board Member, Berk Family Foundation